Rowland Elementary

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What is the Rowland Attendance Policy?

At Rowland Elementary, we take attendance very seriously. Our attendance plan keeps close track of attendance, ensures greater safety for our students, provides services for our families having problems and develops school-wide incentives for good attendance. As a school we want to know where our children are everyday; we want to be helpful to families who need assistance; and we want to congratulate and celebrate with children and families who are helping to make good attendance a reality at Rowland.

Please note: If the student has established a questionable pattern of absences, the attendance committee may also require a physician’s clinic statement of illness after a single day absence. 

What should I do if my child needs to miss school?

What do I do the day my child will be absent from school?

Call the school and talk to the Parent Liaison, Stephanie Saavedra, at (361) 788-9549

Will my child's absence be EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED?

We will follow the VISD Code of Conduct rule and will only excuse absences with a note. When the note is received we will determine whether or not the absence is excused or unexcused. Out of town trips are not excused.

Students counted absent at 9:30 a.m. (due to a doctor’s appointment) will be given credit for attendance if a note is brought from the doctor and school is attended for any part of that school day.

What do I do when my child goes back to school?

Has your child been absent for more than three days due to an illness?

No, my student only missed 1 or 2 days of school:

Write a note including the following:

Your student's full name
Your student's grade
Your student's teacher
The date(s) your student missed school
The reason why your student missed school
Signature of parent/guardian and date of the letter

This note must be submitted no later than 5 days after the absence

Yes, my student missed 3 or more days of school:

You will need a note from a doctor

This note must be submitted no later than 5 days after the absence

Be Rewarded For Attending School!

We will offer incentives during the year to encourage children’s attendance in school. Perfect attendance will be recognized throughout the school year.
Perfect attendance incentives include:

• A flag will be displayed outside the room daily for classroom perfect attendance
• Classes will earn a letter toward spelling PERFECT ATTENDANCE each day the whole class is present. Classes will receive an ice cream party once “perfect attendance” has been spelled and then the class will work towards it again.
• Students will track attendance daily on a class chart and in their data binder.
• Students who have perfect attendance and zero tardies for the month, will attend a H.O.T. party for being "Here and On Time."
• Students who have perfect attendance for the year will receive a trophy.